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When I am brought in to manage a project, clients know that “It’s handled”! Through my experience, I can lead a team to the desired goals. Guest will recognize it is different, better, and with a fresh appearance. Whether dealing with a small production team or the CEO of a major corporation, I represent a professional attitude, appearance and work style. With this attitude I can join any group, anywhere, and bring them success in their production.

My experience and creative management style will save time, money and deliver the desired results. I meet budgets, sometimes save a lot of money, yet without substituting quality or value. When you look at my client lists, they are long relationships. I am known as a “Can Do” person who given any opportunity will exceed expectations regularly. Hiring someone with my vast experience makes good business sense. I know what I am doing and can lead others to the intended goal. With each year, I get a little smarter, a little better at what I do, and have fun doing it. I am confident I can do the job.

As a Director
We will take care of all the details:

  • Concept and/or theme 
  • Set Design
  • Selecting lighting and scenic designers
  • Budgeting details
  • Creating a detailed Rehearsal schedule
  • Costume consultaton and fitting schedules
  • Prop selection
  • Sound selection
  • On-site Casting
  • Consulting on Technical needs
  • Press and Media Events 

I don't take “World-Class Service” lightly. It is a reality backed by Guest Service Surveys, Finance Managers bottom lines and CEO’s budgets. I have been blessed to be at the helm of many successful events and productions. 

As the owner of my business I can assure a client that I will do it! Not someone else, but me personally. I am a people person. I like people! I like being a part of a team. I like leading others and have a proven track record doing so. I know that when leading others, my direct results are quantified by how well those who are following reach their goals. It is important for me to not only recognize these people but also reward them. You will find many creative employee reward programs I have implemented over the years.

Producer functions include:

Management is about people and money. On the people side I truly believe that I understand performers and crews and know how to lead them in the right direction.

Money is so important these days and I pride myself on meeting your budgets and hopefully beating it.

My relationship with a client is crucial, it is a true partnership.  My proven track record shows I have a gift. I have the experience and know how to use it and it will show on the bottom line and in the ticket office.  Clients will have confidence knowing it is being done right the first time. Others sometimes go for quantity, I live for quality and a long relationship.

It is important to me to keep up to date on communication skills, Human Resources, Trade Magazines, websites, and attending as many shows as possible because I'm always learning something. It is important for me to keep on the cutting edge of technology in an ever-growing entertainment industry. We should strive to be educated on what is out there, within our budget and that fits our production needs. If it does indeed make a difference to the show, we should do everything we can do to get it and use it.

It is my quest to explore the endless possibilities that enrich productions on a global scale. I need the gratification that I did my best, that I can hold my head high, and relish as guests enjoy the results. Not looking for fame, but the reward of a hard days work and a job well done.